I started this website in the midst of the worldwide „Corona“ situation in Spring 2020

at the time of first writing this text in April 2020, it was not clear how the story would unfold

by now its clear that we are in the midst of a real paradigm shift and that each of us is responsible for the way in which this shift manifests inwardly and therefore outwardly!

this extraordinary moment offers an ideal opportunity to pause + reflect and then restart afresh!

in the role of „freelance musician“ I have spent the last 25 years running around the planet searching for gigs… a somewhat desperate state of being which caused a generalised state of exhaustion!

it has become increasingly impossible to justify endless travels for concerts, and so a decision was made at the start of 2019 to focus on working as locally as possible, to establish a new platform for music which offers a way to retune and restart

to retune means to focus on inward listening first, intent on one’s own note – which contains every other note, to hear the harmonic series expanding in all directions, to use sound as a meditative medium, opening gateways to a state of inner-silence, to uncover one’s uniquely individual song

to restart means to start afresh – moment by moment – with a „beginners mind“, a blank page, a musician in an empty room (re)discovering their instrument – in fact it is always good practice for players at any level to start from the beginning with the absolute basics, each and every day

the opening berlin(re)tune page on this website offers a series of audio files designed for home listening and for playing along to – the first in this series is a „tromdrone“ in b-flat which I have been using for my practice already for many years

the music lessons (musikunterrichten) on this website – in the form of simple instructions, pdfs, audio and video recordings – are designed for my students in berlin and can be accessed by anyone visiting this page, they focus on the restart-mode described here, enabling a firm foundation for creative music making

as it evolves this website will become a resource of relevant information:
announcing new publications (audio, text, image) and eventually live concerts + events = not online!

hilary jeffery
3 april 2020 / revised 23 november 2020